heraldArtificial Grass Sprouts Up In The Sydney Morning Herald________

On the 13rd of February, the Sydney Morning Herald ran a story headlined Artificial grass: Faking it takes off, even in Mosman. The article demonstrates that the new technology, lifelike, fake grass really is gaining acceptance in the wider community. High quality synthetic grass such as ‘Wild Buffalo’ and ‘Roo Grass’ that captures the look and feel of natural grass are now considered a better alternative. Entering the equation for those considering artificial grass is the long term savings and eliminating the problems of wear and maintenance.

Shaun the sheep superlawn

Shaun the Sheep Photo Op on Superlawn_________

Our friends at The Event Department in Sydney have staged a very successful cinema event which included the launch of ‘Shaun the Sheep’ Movie. Natalie Butler, the events Executive Producer said, “Fantastic! Couldn’t be happier.”

Superlawn ‘Wild Buffalo’ was rolled out for Shaun’s Sydney premier and it was easy to see that he was no stranger to a comfortable grass and felt right at home. It may be artificial grass but Shaun joked with the press about it, “making me hungry.” Shaun was later spotted at the Botanical Gardens enjoying a garden salad. Editor- "couldn’t help myself ":)

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